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About Me

Just a bit of info on me

About Me


Who am I

I enlisted in to the Australian Regular Army on 09 May 1990. After training I was allocated to the Royal Australian Artillery (RAA). I was first posted to 4th Field Regiment (4 Regt) in Townsville where I remained until 1993. After this I was posted to 8th/12th Medium Regiment, A Field Battery where I spent the better part of my career until i corps transferred due to injury in 2004.
After almost 30 years in the Army, I retired on 31 October 2019, just after my 55th Birthday. I have been collecting coins and banknotes since childhood, and now that I am retired, I have more time to consentrate on my beloved hobby. Thank you for browsing my website, I hope you find a bargain and I hope that you enjoy this hobby just as much as me.
John Doe

About my Company

My company is a small home run company based in Townsville Queensland which deal in coins and banknotes mainly from Australia but also world wide

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